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Daily Check in Printable

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Hey guys! How are you been? Myself I’ve been having lots of ups and downs during this week. I guess it felts weird to adapt to the new normal, and a little bit confusing of how much relax can I be.

Some things that I’m doing to feel better are:

*Morning runs

*21 day Deepak Chopra meditation challenge

*Spending time with nature

*Taking action towards my dreams

*Add some healthy nutrients during the day, I have this vitamin C drink in the afternoons after eating for boost, and a lavender tea calm before sleeping

*Essential oils

free printable

I also have been reading lots of good books and trying to do a daily check in for me and the kids. I created this printable for us and you, where you can reflect about the day, what worked and what didn’t, and also it is great to check out what is in our kids mind.

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Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



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