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Maybe We Were Born Perfect

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Maybe We Were Born Perfect

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Would it be possible that I was actually born perfect? ⁣

That all of this years of hearing those words saying that I have a lack of money, a lack of beauty, a lack of relationships, a lack of this, a lack of that, was all invented and created by humans minds?⁣

That we spend our money in life coach, health coach, spiritual retreats, Tony Robbins, meditating with Deepak Chopra, following Danielle Laporte map, watching Oprah, eating quinoa, another push up, going in life trying to find perfection, trying to full fill something that we already have, that we we were born with, that it is within us. ⁣

white rock bc blogger

Maybe, we were born with a absolutely everything we need to be in that state of happiness that we are all looking for. ⁣

Maybe at the end, what we really want is to become and feel who we were at the beginning, when we just born. ⁣

That mind that is at peace, that doesn’t know fears, stigmas, that enjoys the breathing in and out, that appreciate nature, that find happiness in the smallest things. ⁣

Maybe it is true that we are born perfects.

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  1. Maybe we are born perfect. But our perception of what perfect is influenced by the world around us and that changes it for us.

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