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How to manifest your dream job

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How to manifest your dream job

Athenas Angulo

For those who are new here, my name is Athenas, 10 years ago I moved to Canada from Mexico with a big dream. Since I was a little I always imagine myself working for this famous magazine, writing lifestyle articles and living in a big city. 

When I moved to Vancouver after finish my bachelors in Communications and PR, I found myself failing my first ever job interview for a “waitress” position for this Mexican Restaurant. On my way home, I thought that I only had 2 options, the first option was to pack my bags and go back to Mexico or the second option was to work harder towards my dreams, so I choose door number 2. 

Now, I own a lifestyle blog that brings consistent income for me and my family, that pays for our family trips, clothes, groceries and much more. I also found a full-time job doing what I love that allows me to work from everywhere at my own hours, all while having fun. So how someone who 10 years ago did not speak English, who had no experience in Marketing or blogging achieve this?

manifest your dream job

Back on February 14, a good friend of mine gave me this book from Jennifer Jayde called “the awakening” and she mention something that is truly interested, she asked “What does fortune tellers have that we don’t?” is not that they have super powers or something, what they do that we don’t is that they listen to their intuition. They listen to that inside voice that speaks to us all the time, and when we don’t listen, it has to get creative sending us those life challenges.

Have you ever find yourself day dreaming, imagine yourself being successful doing what you love?

Have you pay attention to that inside voice screaming YES? And then that feeling grows more and more when you start taking action into this new project… can you imagine getting paid to do something that you do for fun?

Often in life, we forego what we already know to be true in our hearts, for safety. We are scared of failing, we are scared of what others might think. I want you to take all of these fears for a second in your hands, and put them on the side so you can response to this question: What is that thing that you want to do that you are so scared OF?

Write it down.

how to manifest your dream job

Now before we go deep into that, let’s talk about your presence.

I want to start talking about the job you are doing right now, and if you are staying at home raising kids, please know that it is consider a job too. What do you love about this job? What skills have you learn? Please write them down.

When you start concentrating on the positive, more positive comes, same the other way. You know that saying when something goes wrong everything goes wrong? Because we are concentrating our focus into that negative energy. I want you to concentrate on everything good that you are receiving right now with whatever you are doing. Write it down in a piece of paper. Not in your cellphone notes, not in your computer, in a piece of paper. There is something magical of writing things on paper.

Athenas Angulo

Now here are the 4 steps you need to manifest your dream job:


When we do not know why we do what we do, there is no clarity there is no passion. When you are clear on what drives you, you can manifest anything you want. Ask youserlf, what is that feeling you are looking to feel? How can you serve others and get that feeling everyday?


Bringing awareness to something that need to change right now. Ask yourself the following questions: What do you have to do to get that job? What is that feeling you are looking to full fill? What daily choices can you do to get closer to what you want?


 Focus on all the things you are loving during the process. Review your daily task, your goals, the people you surrend yourself with. Be strategic about this process and the results will come naturally. 


Strategic and consistent action. “Action without intention is meaningless.. intention without action is impactless” -Jay. Sit down and write those goals. Small steps to the right direction. Write down those daily tasks that will get you closer to your final goal. Do not rush the things, quality vs quantity.

Athenas Angulo

What can go wrong?

The answer is NOTHING if you are open to all the possibilities. Sometimes we get what we want in a way we didn’t imagine. 

If your strategy is not working, do a slight change, let me give you an example: When I started as an influencer on Instagram, I was desperate to get followers that I join all of this follow for follow groups. I did have awareness that something needed to change, I did had the action and the intention but I didn’t pay attention on how my actions will impact me later.

One of my blog values was to support local, and guess what? When I reach out to Canadian brands, they didn’t want to work with me because all of my audience was from the USA. That’s when I realize there was no clarity on my actions and that I had to change my strategy, so I did a slight change. I started unfollowing all the accounts I did not wanted to follow and started doing giveaways with local brands to balance the number of followers I was losing. 

Now, I know we are in a very difficult situation right now, but how about of instead of being scared and creating negative energy we focus on enjoying this down time and asking ourselves why do we have this time? What do you have to learn or create during this time that will change your life? Why if instead of being scared we switch of focus on being grateful?  The more grateful we are the more to be grateful we will get.

And always remember, you can have ANYTHING that you want. If you need some help with the 4 steps, reach out to me at



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