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Free Saint Valentine’s Cards

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Free Saint Valentine’s Cards

saint valentines printable

Happy February everyone! Saint Valentines has always been my favourite holiday of the year, as it happens to be my birthday lol! 

Gathering and creating memories with my family and friends is something I cherish and look forward to over my birthday, but I know things get busy for us mom’s specially at school, so to officially kick off the month of love, I’m partnering with Daisy Robinson to give you these awesome Saint Valentines Cards for you to customize and print! 

saint valentines printable

 The first one is a template on Canva that you can edit, It’s a regular 7inx5in double sided card. The first page shows an example with a picture in it. Just remove the picture and add yours! you can find the instructions here, and the template here.

The second attachment are the small sized cards that kids hand out at school. There’s 4 different ones and they’re sold by page (4 cards per one page). They’re also double sided.

Thank you Daisy for creating these awesome cards for us mom’s, make sure to tag us along!

Wishing all of you a happy valentines!

valentines vancouver bc

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