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Mia’s Unicorn Party 5th Birthday

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Mia’s Unicorn Party 5th Birthday

unicorn party

I’m going to start off by saying that I can’t believe my baby girl is 5!! I was feel like it was yesterday when I was seating in my apartment in new west planning her breakfast at tiffany’s 1st birthday. Now, this mama tries to keep it as simple as possible and go to the dollar store more lol!

Between having to plan our trip to Mexico, my full time job and life, I didn’t put too much imput on this party, however, I think it ended up very special, is everything about the details they said.

I usually like to invest in good stuff and save them for the next party, so even tho I bought some plates etc from the dollar store, I had some decoration from small local shops from my previous birthday parties.

part t pets Canada

There were in my opinion 2 things that make this party very special, 1 it was the massive unicorn birthday cake by Hillcrest Bakery that it was very difficult not to noticed, and the second was the awesome activity by Part-t-pets.

Hillcrest bakery white rock

Each kid had the opportunity to make their own stuffy, make a wish, and get an adoption certificate. I wish I can show you their faces when they were making it. This activity seriously killed 30-40 min where everyone was engaged and having fun! The best part? I didn’t have to worry about making those take at home bags because each kid got one stuffy instead! If you are looking to make your party extra special in affordable way, I recommend you to check them out!

Now, back to the food, I added some gluten free delicious bakery from Wendell’s true foods, for those with allergies. We wanted to add some Mexican touch so we ordered some churros from our friend Vanessa. She makes the most delicious one in town! If you want some for your parties, you can reach out to her at 778-751-8409.

churros Vancouver BC

I’m so happy how everything turn out and how little we spend. Do you try to keep your parties simple? Let me know in the comments.



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