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Why You Should Hire a Health Coach

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Why You Should Hire a Health Coach

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When I found about “The Shift” I was getting lots of messages from people telling me how much they admire me because I was doing it all. I have a successful corporate job, running my own blog/ig business, rocking it in motherhood, a great wife and friend of many. 

They were telling me how much they envy how healthy I was because they were watching my videos running every day and cooking healthy food. Yes, I was waking up at 5 AM every day for my morning runs, eating super clean, but I never felt sicker. Yes, I was doing great in business, but everything else was falling apart. I was sacrificing quality time with my kids with the excuse that all that they needed is a happy healthy mom, however I was not happy or healthy.

I had nausea every day, horrible cramps, I was emotional eating, suffering from anxiety, I was seriously feeling I was going very deep down with my mental health. 

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With the years I’ve learned that if you want to be successful in an area, you have to invest in finding the best coaching for you. It is hard because we are always on a budget, however, I knew that if I wanted to move to the next level, I needed to prioritize my health. 

Investing in this program has seriously change my life. I thought I knew a lot about health and wellness, but this program really brought everything to a whole new level. It helped me to identify the beauty stigmas and how our minds can impact our physical health. It also helped me to find those triggers I had for years that were not allowing me loving myself to the fullest, and the wrong ideas I had about the meaning of the word “healthy”.

It also taught me the importance of meditation and how to acknowledge our negative thoughts instead of ignoring them.

Having a tribe that supports you during this journey has make everything easier, and Erin knows exactly how to take you to a place where you feel comfortable and strong enough to recognize those triggers and teach you how to handle them.

I 100% recommend this program to everyone who needs help with their physical and mental health. I can tell you that before this program I would NEVER EVER be able to take a picture of me like this.

Now I know I’m enough, I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to please people, and not everyone has to like me. We get so scared of being rejected by others, because we are not beautiful enough, intelligent enough, and I’m done with that.

I will continue working towards my health, every day, making small changes and recognizing those triggers. I will love myself in the good and bad moments.

Please know that this is NOT an sponsor post, this is me sharing with you the secret of “how do I do it all”. Find those mentors, coaches, tribes, support that you need and don’t be scared of investing in yourself EVER.



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