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Mia’s Back to School Party

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Mia’s Back to School Party

spent grounds coffee roaster

For those who follow along with me on Instagram, you’ll know that my baby girl is starting kindergarten next Tuesday! I can believe I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years! Time does flies!

back to school party

I wanted to prepare something special for her before started her new chapter, so I decided to invite her BF cami for a sleep over. Couple days after, scrolling to Instagram I saw this business called “my little bash” that does beautiful set ups for children sleepover parties. They bring teepees, comfy mattresses with cotton sheets, stylish decorative cushions, breakfast trays with glowing lights for each guest, decorative rugs, garlands and more!

my little bash vancouver
my little bash vancouver

I selected their unicorn theme as mia is so into them lately. I wanted to keep it simple with the food, Pizza from Panago, Vegan Donuts from Spent Grounds and popcorn. 

Pictionary air Mattel

For activities, we did some tattoo time, a dance party and game time with the new Pictionary Air that we got from Mattel. I love how they mixed physical play with a digital experience for the whole family. It as super easy to play: Players sketch in the air with an air pen as teams see the sketch appear on a smartphone or tablet with the Pictionary Air app to guess the clue. The best part of this game is that it is even funnier to play when you are a bad drawer! Our family/friends love this game! 

pictionary air Mattel

The girls had such a great time and this momma ended up exhausted lol! I will definitely use My Little Bash Again, next time will be Matias turn.. that’s right, they also have boys theme to choose from. I hope this blog post gave you some ideas for your next kids PJ Party! Happy week everyone!



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