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Connect with a provider anytime, from anywhere with GOeVisit

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Connect with a provider anytime, from anywhere with GOeVisit

goevisit canada

My fellow Canadians, I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Every time my kids get sick, it’s the same story. I know I’ll have to miss a day of work to go and do the 3-hour line up to see a doctor and walk home with Tylenol. If my kids get sick on Saturday, I’ll have to wait until Monday because I haven’t found a walk-in clinic that is open during the weekend (at least here in White Rock).

Goevisit canada

Even though I think having a provincial healthcare system is awesome, the wait time to see a doctor is just insane, but guess what? Now there is a solution! Yes!! Yes!!

Now we can have access to a medical provider anytime, from anywhere with just a click! How awesome is that?

GOeVisit SmartExam is an app that you can download and it will connect you with a medical provider wherever you are! You will do a 15 min exam, receive a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription if needed. I use birth control pills, so this is a life changer for me! They cover over 450 minor illnesses such as STIs, heartburn, migraines, UTIs, allergies, cold and flu, mastitis, breastfeeding concerns and more! It’s quick, private and secure.

goevisit canada

Once you answer the clinical interview questions, a Canadian medical provider will call you back within minutes to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan. Can you believe this? No long hours spent waiting on the phone, they will call you!

GOeVisit can also create or refill prescriptions for things like antibiotics, allergy medications, anti-nausea medications and various skin creams.

You can use you the app on your smartphone (available on iOS & Android) your tablet (I have it on my iPad) or your computer. Another plus? It’s available 24/7! Score!


They are giving my followers a FREE trial when you register via this link

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!



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