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Where to go in Pemberton!

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Where to go in Pemberton!

Pemberton camp site

Camping season is here everyone! I think this is the only thing that makes me excited about summer lol! I truly enjoy waking up with the sounds of birds, breathing some fresh air, and enjoying the panoramic views we are blessed to have in BC.

We did our first camping of the season this weekend, we decided to drive to Pemberton and stay at Birken Lake. If you need showers and normal washrooms like me, I swear that theirs are cleaner than mine lol! They have a beautiful lake just infront of the camp, and a common area to enjoy the view.

North arm farm

They also have cabins and double points for selling coffee (By the way, they even have almond milk!). We stayed there all day on Saturday, and got to enjoy some quality family and friends time. We brought our favourite games from Mattel, Uno, Dos and skip-bo ! (Another fact about me, UNO is being my favourite since I was seven years old), to bring some entertaiment.

uno matel

On the second day, we went to visit North Arm Farm. This place is spectacular! Seriously! If you are looking for a place to take your instagram pictures, that is it! This farm has lots of animals for the kids to get entertaint, a little restaurant (we tried their brunch and it was soo good), berry picking and more!

On the back of the farm, where the berries are, they have some swings, a little house for the kids to play, tractors, and lots of cool things. If you go to Pemberton, this should be on your places to visit!

north arm farm

Can’t wait to see where are we heading next! We are looking at Crystal cove in Tofino, any recommendations?



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  1. Husna says:

    Sounds like such a fun camping trip!

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