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Making our Home Natural with Simply Earth

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Making our Home Natural with Simply Earth

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Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Today I want to share with you a new discovery! You know how passionate I am about the wellness subject. 4 years ago, my stepdad was diagnosed with cancer, and after reading lots about it, I decided to make some changes in our lifestyle and walk more towards to wellness.

“Surviving Motherhood one drop of essential oils at a time”.

When I had Mia, I became obsessed with house cleaning products, and all the harmful chemicals in them. I’m always on the look to do small changes in the right direction. A couple of days ago I was reached by Simple Earth, a small company based in the USA that provides a box of essentials oils and recipes for us to achieve a more natural living.

If you are as Fan of essential oils as I am, you know this can get pricy, and I think this is the best part and why I say yes to them. Their prices are awesome comparing to other brands, without sacrificing the quality. 

Another plus is that you don’t have to attend an event for you to buy, you can just simply click on their website and have your box full of oils and recipes delivered to your door.

I know some people hesitate to clean with essential oils, but I’ve been doing this for months and it does works. You also get your house/rooms smell SO good lol! 

Having products that are less harmful to our environment and non-toxic has made a big change into my life, and I know is going to make a difference in yours too. That’s why they will give you a $40 OFF on your next box with the code: ATHENASFREE so basically you are going to get 1 box for free! 

But that’s not all.. we are also doing a Giveaway this Thursday to give no one but TWO lucky winners a box like the one I received! If you are not following yet on Instagram, you may want to take a look at this week is going to be full of surprises!

Try them and let me know what do you guys think!



Thank you Simply Earth for Sponsoring this post. All the comments are my own.

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