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Giving Feels Good

catelli pasta Vancouver

Living with less is trending right now, but for some people is not a choice. Did you know that over 4 million Canadians struggle to fill up their plate?

Here are some statistics for us to think about:

*1 in 5 Canadians have turned to a food bank at least once in their life

*1 in 5 Candians have skipped a meal because they couldn’t afford to buy anything

*Almost one third millennials have skipped a meal due to financial woes.

catelli pasta canada

We complain so much without noticing how blessed we are. Next time, when you think everything is wrong, ask yourself: Can I breathe? Do I have a roof? Clothes? Food in the fridge?

Between now and May 31st. for every box of Catelli Pasta you buy, they will donate a serving of pasta to someone in need. Help me to promote and support this cause!



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