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Our Spring break at Big White!

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Our Spring break at Big White!

big white ski resort

I’m super excited to share this family trip with you guys, because we are planning to do this every spring! 

There are 3 important facts for me to decide our vacay destinations. One, it has to be family friendly. Second, it should have access to great food, and last but not least, it has to have great customer service, and Big White has it all!

Last year, we decided to take our family vacations on February, as all the packages were super cheap before spring break; But then, when spring break came and we had no daycare or school, things got crazy in this house. We promised that we will never ever stay at home again on Spring Break even if that means to pay almost double.

big white ski kids

The original plan was to go to Puerto Vallarta, however, we needed to replace our house floor, so we couldn’t afford such a trip and I was looking for a local destination other than Whistler and the Island to take the kids. 

Being such a fan of Jillian Harris, I followed her staycation at Big White and I got excited. We didn’t make the time to take Mia to ski lessons this winter, so I decided it was the perfect family trip for us.

I wasn’t sure if I was taking the correct decision, because I was seeing that everyone was heading to the beach, while us, we were going to get more snow, but guess what? I couldn’t take a better decision! While everybody else were in those beach resorts full of people, we were enjoying the resort facilities almost all for us! There were no line ups, the customer service was great, and we were not stress about bothering others if our kids miss behave lol!

big white Kelowna

We stayed at the Sundance Hotel, which happens to have great facilities and it’s perfect for families with young kids. Some of their facilities includes a hot tub with the best view for their weekly Saturday fireworks, swimming pool, kids club, sauna, movie theater room, shuttle (which we didn’t really need as the village is less than 10 min walk) and the best customer service and Mountain view!

Mia got sick the first day we arrived there, she got high temperature and was vomiting. I wanted to rush back to Kelowna and take her to the hospital, but we found that they actually had a small clinic in the village. The doctor was super nice, and he made sure that Mia was good for ski.

Francisco and Mia were hitting the mountains every day. Mia was taking ski lessons at the Bunny Hill and by the second day she was killing it! Matias was the happiest playing in the snow and watching her sister going back and forth.

big white resort

Friday was all about me! I visited the elevation SPA and got their deep tissue massage (if you happen to go, ask for Caitlin she is the best!). At night we went for some amazing dinner at The Woods Restaurant. The service was incredible, and the food was beyond good! I’ll recommend having their chicken!

big white restaurants

On the fourth day, it was my time to hit the mountains. I paid for those group lessons but because there were no to many people, I got the ski instructors just for me! Scored!!! After my 3-hour class, it was time for me to relax while having my non-alcoholic beer sent by Heineken, which I 100% recommend for those days you are craving beer, but you don’t want to sacrifice your health. (Only 70 calories!)

heineken canada beer
heineken beer

Honestly, one of the best staycations ever! If you decide to take a trip, let me know how it goes!



big white
Thank you Big White and Heineken for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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