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Arbonne Products Review

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Arbonne Products Review

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Hello all! Athenas here! I kinda feel weird because this is the first time I’m writing about an MLM company, but I love an honest review so here is mine from Arbonne!

Just to clarify, I’m not a distributor of this company. I was contacted by Kelsy, a local mom who was starting her business and wanted me to try them out. Usually when people contact me to promote MLM’s my immediate answer is NO. However, there was something particular about this company:

1- Has all the certifications I like to see, including the vegan society and PETA.

2-Their products are botanicals, vegan,cruelty-free recyclable product packaging and shipping boxes. Gluten-free non-GMO.

3- It was a local mom who contacted me.

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When she sent me the link to the website, and I started reading about the whole thing, I decided to give these a try. Kelsy sent me different products, a vanilla protein, Digestion plus, fibre boost, herbal tea and energy fizz sticks.

We have been drinking their vanilla protein and digestion plus every morning for 3 weeks in our smoothies and truly like it! I have to say that the flavour is extremely similar to their competitors, however, why I will go for this one instead, is as mentioned, the 4 points above.

Another reason why I like Arbonne is that I feel not scared to give it to my kids. After reading their “top 20 not allowed” ingredients, everything seems pretty safe, and usually, I don’t feel like this with MLM’s products.

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And last but not least.. their products are earth friendly!


I’m very curious about trying their make up line and their shampoo, as I’ve heard great things about them.

If you are looking to support a local business and this mom, you can visit her website to see all the selection!

There you have it loves! If you give them a try, let me know!




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