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Travel Essentials!

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Our trip to the east coast was the best! Seriously! I don’t know why people there complain that much about! And yes, I have some people asking me if I enjoy travel with my kids, and the answer is yes! I believe that travel is the biggest present you can give to them and create so many good memories.

I don’t think there is a perfect age for travel, even tho I’m conscious that probably they are not going to remember these trips, but who would guaranty me that we will have the economic resources when they get 10 to travel? My mentally is that if the opportunity comes, just take it!

I’m especially excited about this trip because we visit the capital of Canada. Mia it’s been learning about the Canadian provinces and I want her to feel as connected with her country as we are with ours. I want her to feel that feeling I feel when I see the Mexican flag. When the plane touch down and you feel that feeling, that happiness, that connection with your homeland.

Also, we visited Quebec and Montreal and I have to say that even tho Montreal is beautiful, Quebec city took my breath away! Anyways, I have to recognize that my less favourite part of traveling is to get into an airplane. I hate them. Days before I’m always struggling with the thought that I’m going to be in one of them, plus being stuck in a plane with a toddler is never fun.

This time I decided to be more prepared, so I took everyone advice on travel essential with kids and to combat my anxiety attacks. Here my Favourite Travel Essentials for a more comfortable trip:



Travel essential with kids

My friend Adriana told me she found this one on the internet, and when I saw their Instagram, I knew I wanted it one! I heard there is someone out there in Vancouver renting them, but I wanted to get my own! This is perfect as we will be travelling overnight, and the kids were super tired and wanted to sleep. Mia was able to get her own bed! Check out their website for more information.


Compression Socks

Dr seals compression socks

These are a must for long trips! I especially love this brand because is local (From Vancouver) and have the coolest designs. They are perfect for the effective relief of tired and swollen legs. You feel this squeeze to the legs, it’s like having someone massaging you all the time!


Essential Oils

I’m not going anywhere without essential oils, seriously they have helped me a lot with my stress and anxiety. I don’t have a specific brand of choice I just love them all. These are the ones I took with me from Finlandia Health Store.

essential oils vancouver


I purposely gave Francisco an iPad last Christmas so the kids can use it for our travels lol! And obviously, my iPhone is like a part of my body that I cannot forget. I know, I know this is not ok but it is the reality.

vancouver influencers



I love buying magazines when I travel, that is my thing. It is only time when you can see me reading people’s or US magazine. I just found it so distracting, that it helps me to forget for a minute that I’m on a plane.

travel essentials

Here you have! Last but not least, a mom on IG advised me to use a day before coming back home, so when we arrived, we have some food at our door. I’m so planning to give that a try! What are your favourite travel essentials?



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