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Why do I think Francisco is the #1 Dad

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Why do I think Francisco is the #1 Dad

If you have been following me, You know how CRAZY hard have been these 3 years for me and Francisco. With the whole family being back in Mexico and the unreal cost of childcare in Vancouver, things have not been easy for us at all with 2 little ones.

Between lack of sleep, dirty diapers, full-time jobs, etc. we have been putting ourselves to the limits, and I’m sure that for my hubby, his best gift would be letting him sleep and rest all day ( not happening sorry lol! )

When I meet Francisco, I knew he would be a great dad to our children, HOWEVER my expectations where achieved far beyond!  Since day 1, he helps to change diapers, take the kids to activities, feed them and Mia would not stop saying ( even tho I don’t like it ) that he is her best friend!

You should see my kids eyes when they see Francisco! He is the “cool” dad who would take Mia to soccer and help me with the potty training! I’m so happy that my kids got so lucky as I am with mine!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

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