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Again and again..

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Again and again..

Another year, another summer body failed.

I’ve been trying tho, over and over to wake up at 5 am but I failed. I just can’t. We do not sleep well during the night, Matias wakes up at least once, and my body is just exhausted. Sleep always wins.

And NO, ..

I can’t exercise after work because I feel bad to leave the kids with my hubby, and for him is the same thing, and yes we tried to do it one day myself and he would go the other but life happens, we either have to clean the house, make food, or something is going on and we stop.

I also tried to bring the kids with me for stroller walks, it didn’t go well tho. Mia makes me stop every 5 min to smell the flowers, or they want to go to the playground, or we need to rush to the house to go potty. Over and over and over.

I tried all the different diets and failed for the same reason, no time to cook everyday. The only “diet” that would fit my lifestyle is Atkins, but I refused to eat meat everyday.

I’m out of the ideas, yes I know to plan is the key, but what do you do when you are busy even on the weekends and when I finally have time off the last thing I want to do is to cook.

I just want to lay down, and rest. Yes.. I know i’m making excuses.. but everything i’m writing is true!! Even if I had the money to do liposuction I wouldn’t do it because I would not going to have the time to heal!! Isn’t not that crazy?

At home exercise? Seriously?? No, I tried as well same thing i’m getting interrupted constantly with potty and water and blablabla. Is this going to change? Probably, but when?? When do you have time to take care of you? How? Thanks for reading.

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