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Guess who made it to the top 30?

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Guess who made it to the top 30?


A couple year ago I started my diary aka Blog, writing about my struggles on achieving wellness. Later, it became my tool to release my stress on motherhood and a way to promote the local brands/places we love. I never EVER thought someone would read it, because first at all, my English teacher is a 3-year-old and second, I do not know many people in this country.

Two years and two kids later, I have paychecks coming every month, free clothes, free food, free this and free that, but most importantly, I was able to quit a career that I wasn’t happy to do anymore, to move full time to something I actually LOVE.

With influencer marketing being a trend, there are lots of mommy bloggers out there, so for me to see my name in the top 30 in Vancouver, it’s a BIG deal.

Thank you to all my friends, online friends, readers and especially to my family for inspiring me every day. Can’t wait to finish this website lol!




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