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Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day

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How often do you take the time to celebrate your mom’s achievements? I know that for some people today is just another marketing day, for me, is forcing me to take the time to sit down and cheer myself for keeping my kids alive for 3 entire years lol!

Things have changed so much in the last couple of years for me, that I can barely remember who I was before having kids. Let me start saying that I truly envy those moms who haven’t give up on themselves while raising their kids. When I read their post saying that you have to take time for you in order to be a better mom, I cannot agree more with them, however, I haven’t been able to achieve that.

Perhaps I need to be more organized? Push my body harder? Whatever it is, there is always something that doesn’t let me get the time I used to have for myself, and I have no idea for how long more I’ll have to be fighting this battle.

I do not cook or clean every day, at least once a day I’m super exhausted that I let the kids watch tv so I can have a moment just to seat and rest. I know that I’m not a perfect mom, and probably I’ll never be, but that doesn’t keep me from learning and feeling proud of the mom that I am.

A&F Family Session (10 of 10)

So far the biggest lesson I’ve learned it’s that every chapter happens so fast, and if I spent the time feeling guilty, I’ll lose the treasure of enjoying the moment.

I blink and suddenly I became a mother of 2, I blink again and there were no more babies at home, I do it again and I see myself in the mirror, looking 10 years older and feeling like a completely different person.

It is amazing how little gestures can make me so happy and had this huge impact on my mood. How sensitive I became and at the same time how strong I feel. How I know there is a new ME, and even tho I’ll always remember the old ME, she is not coming back.

I hope you are taking the time to celebrate today being the best mom you can be! Happy Mother’s Day!



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