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Support Local: Project Purpose


A couple days ago, I was reached by Linda, who invited me to her marketing campaign for Project Purpose.

When I read about what this local business was doing for our community, I knew I wanted to be part of it! So what is project purpose?

Record-breaking gas prices and Vancouver’s high cost of living make it hard for people to keep up with repairs and maintain a safe, reliable car. Thousands of residents need a car to care for people who count on them. What if car repair needs stop them from serving people in the community? What happens to our Lower Mainland communities?

That’s where Project Purpose 2018 come in.


Rather than celebrating 50 years of operation with a big party, Cowell Auto Group is offering free car repairs instead. The family owned and operated company wants to thank some dedicated community volunteers in the Lower Mainland by taking care of all car repairs and service needs for 24 people. Cowell is looking for more people to help. 

Jackie and Jerry LePage – First recipients of Project Purpose 2018

  • Jerry had tears in his eyes when he got his car back. He was so touched by the generosity!
  • The Surrey residents are active, retired seniors who give tirelessly to their neighbors and community.
  • They believe in giving back. Long-time supporters of the Shriner’s Hospital and Boy Scouts, today the Lepage’s are community builders, supporting their neighbors by offering rides to the grocery store or doctors’ appointments and organizing social events to help neighbors get to know each other.
  • Living on a fixed income, their aging 2006 Hyundai Sonata had only seen basic service and needed many repairs.
  • Cowell Auto Group’s Service Team did a full inspection, provided the Lepage’s with a courtesy car, and completed all the much-needed repairs.
  • Today it runs smoothly, looks as good as news and provides the Lepage’s with peace of mind that they are driving a safe, reliable car.

If you wish to nominate someone, you can do it here:

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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