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Marketing Survival Guide

If you watched my Insta stories, you know I attended the CIMC ( Canadian Internet Marketing Conference ) in Squamish, and I have to say.. it was a life-changing.

Even tho I graduated in Marketing, I’ve been working in Customer Service and Management for the last 5 years, so all this new Marketing world is completely new for me, and seriously, I couldn’t have a better training than the one I got there.

The speakers where AMAZING! the tips, the PR, I can’t wait to be there next year!! So.. with that being said, I want to share with you my favourite top 5 speakers, and what did I learn from them!

1-Dunkan Wardle ( Former VP of Innovation and creativity at Disney )



He was my favorite male speaker! And particularly I have one quote that he said stock in my mind “If you don’t feel awkward, you are NOT innovating”. What a big true! We are so scared to try something new, that we ended up coming over with the same ideas and we just add something, and that’s NOT what marketing and creativity are about. One great tip I got was, that whenever we want to start something, think about it in your most creative moment. For example, myself, when I’m going to write a post, I got most of my ideas while I’m in the shower or in a table next to a cup of coffee. Write everything down, and most importantly, take time to THINK.

2-Adam Wills ( Sales and Marketing Director at Four Winds Brewing Company )


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He was one of my favourite not only because I love the story behind his company, but because he reminded me something that is extremely important to succeed: ” DO NOT FORGET TO DREAM “.

3- Rachel Hariri ( Digital Social Media manager, McDonald’s Canada )


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She was my favourite Female speaker, her tips and techniques make total sense with the new era of digital marketing, ” Listen what people are saying about your competition” be proactive AND reactive, and most importantly, have your eyes in your customers! Every comment matter!

4- Rob Khazzam ( General Manager, UBER Canada )


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I’m very surprised that I’m writing this because if you were following me on twitter last year, you know how upset I was at Uber. I perfectly remember the moment when I sent them my cancellation email telling them I would not support a company that supports machismo AND racism. But, we all deserve second chances, we all make mistakes, and the most important thing is to take action to correct them, and that’s what they did. “An AD will end, a happy, a satisfied customer will not”.  Cannot be more agree with him, the best marketing/advertising you can have are your customers!. He talked about how they didn’t really have marketing campaigns when Uber started, everything was word of mouth of happy customers. and yes.. a reputation WOULD kill a great product!

5- Diana Luu ( Head of Marketing Solution, LinkedIn Canada )


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“The B2M Buying process is especially emotional”. And this is totally true, think about it, we do care about the price BUT we tend to care more about how do the brand would make us feel. Do we trust the brand? Would I feel proud supporting them? .. that’s why is so important that TOP leaders connect with their customers. “New doesn’t sell, RELEVANCE and Familiarity DOES”.





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