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Local Fav: Zensa Cream

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Local Fav: Zensa Cream

If you know me, you know how much issues I have with my skin. I suffer from keloid scar, if you don’t know what keloid is, well in basic words I would describe it as a 3D scar! It usually has a smooth top, is pink or purple, and is bumpy.. basically my worst nightmare!

During the summer, my scar gets super itchy with the contact with the sun, so I’m always on the look for products that would help with this, and a couple weeks ago, I was reached by this brand called “Zensa” to try their new healing cream. Even tho is manufactured in the USA, it is produced by Alera skin care here in Vancouver. The timing couldn’t have been better as I received before my trip to Mexico, and I used it all the time! ( As you can see in my pics lol! )

I love how good it felt on my scar, I would put it on at night after all day at the pool without feeling guilty as this product doesn’t contain any crap that that is bad for you.

This cream is Health Canada certified and is proven to reduce itching, inflammation, and scarring post procedures! Steroid-free, Cruelty-free, all natural ingredients (Calendula, Tea tree oil, shea butter, aloe, green tea extract, etc. ) it is safe for sensitive areas such as the face or around eyes, and the best part? Their fresh grapefruit scent used in aromatherapy!!

The more I used it, the more I like it! If you are into the microblogging, tattoo, etc. This cream is going to become your BF! For more here: Microblading Zensa 



Hope you find this review useful, It should be available at Shoppers Drug Mart at any time! Or you can just go to their website, clicking here:



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