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Favourite apps for editing

Hello all! I wanted to have this blog post done since yesterday, but if are following me on Instagram, you know how crazy BUSY this week has been for me.

Now that I want to make the things a little bit prettier, I’ve been playing and trying all of these different apps on my phone for editing my pictures. I don’t usually use photoshop anymore, because I do it mostly from my Iphone 7 PLUS, that has the BEST Camera I’ve ever seen in years!

Anyways, if you are an Instagram lover, and you want to create this “pretty” feed, here are some tools that can help you:

Snapseed: I starter using it a couple weeks ago and I’m loving it! Specially the “Selective” tool that I’ve been using for brightening and getting the white balance right.

VSCO: I don’t use this one that much, BUT I know I should because there is a huge community in here, even an insta tag #vsco and I know lots of bloggers would use VSCO and Snapseed together for the perfect picture.

PicTapGo: This one I use it for a quick fix. Sometimes for a picture I’ll pots on my insta stories that is soo dark, just to bring a little bit of lightness.

Facetune: This is my favourite favourite! I love the lighting expose filter, and is the best for removing imperfections like lint on clothes or surfaces.

ColorStory: This is a new one for me as well, I like to have options with filters, so I bought the Organic and Fresh ones, as I love how the colours turn out!

Plotagraph: I just got this one lol! but I found it in another Insta account and I LOVE IT!! I think is pretty cool having this movement with your picture to make it look more real!

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