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Since Mia was born, I became obsessed with Family traditions. I made a whole list of what I imagine they would be, and for the most part I’ve achieved them all, but my favourite one is the one on Christmas time that we just started last year.. giving back to others.

I know probably she is too small to realize what is to help others, but I want to make the holidays a “giving” instead of “receiving”.. Here is the story: when I was a child, the whole meaning of Christmas for me was the toys I was expecting to receive, and nothing more than that.

That’s definitely NOT how I want my kids to think. I want them to know how blessed they are and the value of sharing with others, so I started to look for some organization that we can give back in some way, and our 2 choices were the childrens hospital and baby go round.

If you don’t know baby go round, they are located on Kinsgway, and they are dedicated to help Families, mommies and babies in need with clothes, products, strollers, blankets, everything they would need to survive the big times. I love the idea of helping them because I know the amount of things we need when a baby is coming and how expensive this stuff are!

We have been very lucky with all the support that we have had from our friends and the community that I cannot think of a better place to give back!

If you like the idea of giving, you can check out their website:



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