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The Modern General store in South Surrey

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The Modern General store in South Surrey

First, I just want to say sorry for scamming all of my friends with a bunch of tags in giveaways, sorry not sorry because I won 4 of THEM lol! I had soo much fun the past week on Instagram finding out all of these local places/brands that I didn’t know before, like this little coffee shop/store in South Surrey.

This giveaway was ran by Kama, the face behind @_ethigal ( If you don’t follow her, she is one of my favourite local bloggers!! ) and I’m so glad I won because I was able to connect with the owner of the store who is super nice and friendly and loves to connect people!

If you live in the area and you haven’t visited.. YOU MUST! the atmosphere is so relaxing! the perfect place for a coffee date! I’ve always loved small coffee shops, and this one apart of the great coffee, you can find a delicious options for pastries and  if you feel like shopping, there are some local products to try on!

When you enter there, It really makes you feel at home! On top of it, their customer service is amazing! I came back the next day to have some brunch with my husband and we both love it!

HUGE thanks for my gift basket and the love! I hope you get the chance to enjoy the store as much as I did!




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