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Vegan Pozole

As you know, My family and I are Mexicans/Canadians. I was born and raised in Mexico and moved here 8 years, my husband moved more than 20 years ago, and our kids, well.. they born here but have our Mexican blood.

Even tho I love this country as much as my own, I also want my kids to keep our Spanish language, our traditions and specially the love for our food lol! We eat Mexican food almost daily, so I’m always looking for healthier version of our dishes because I want my family to increase our veggie consumption.

I found this recipe on youtube, and being honest I wasn’t sure how my family would react, but the hubby and I love it! I didn’t give it to Mia because I knew she would not going to want to eat mushrooms, but if your kid is more open you can try. I know it does sound strange ( Pozole with mushrooms ) but the flavor is so incredible you will keep going back to this recipe!

Can’t wait to cook this for our friends!


*1 garlic

*4 green tomatoes

*1/2 chile serrano

*1/2 cup of cilantro

*2 tbps of pumpkin seeds

*1/4 of onion

*1/4 tbps of cumin

*1 tbps of oregano

*1 chile poblano

*1 cup of spinash

*1 1/2 cup of chickpeas ( you can use regular corn pozole grains instead if chickpeas sounds extreme )

*3 cups of mushrooms

In a pan, fry the green tomato, onion, garlic and seeds. Add them in a blender with 1 cup of water, the poblano pepper, the spinash, 1/2 of cilantro, 1/2 tbps of salt, the cumin, oregano and serrano pepper.

Boil the blender mix, add another 4 cups of water, the mushrooms and chickpeas.

Serve with lettuce, avocado and rabano.

I know it’s a little unique but I promise this dish won’t disappoint you!

What’s your favourite mexican dish?




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