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Vegan Sweet Flautas


I have officially find a way to eat my flautas without feeling guilty! ( Thanks youtube! ) I knew it would be a huge hit with the kids ( Who doesn’t love sweet potato? ) but my main concern was Francisco.

Both of us have that Mexican taste, that is very difficult for us to adjust when I do changes on the food like this, but I learned that when you eat it twice, you start to love it!

This time I went to the extreme and made them with sweet potato,  so I don’t have to cook different meals for everyone ( Matias could eat only a plain sweet potato and the rest the flautas) but if you think is too much of a changes, use regular potato instead of the sweet one!

All I have to say is that you are going to be enjoying a meal FULL of veggies, that was the main goal! Here you go:

For the Flautas:

1- 1 cup of sweet potato puree ( I used around 2, boil and pure them )

2-2 tbps of green onion

3-A bunch of cilantro ( around 1 tbps )

4- Corn tortillas

5-Salt and pepper


The Salsa on the top:

1- 1 boil tomato

2- 3 GREEN tomatoes boil

3- 1 cloved of garlic

4- 1/2 cup of vegetable oil

5-4 chile chipotles ( I didn’t add this ingredient on mine, because I was scared it would be too spicy for Mia )

6- 1/4 cup of SOY chorizo ( I couldn’t find soy chorizo at Super Store, so I used the Mexican Ground beef from Yves instead )

and to Garnish:

*LOTS of Lechuga ( I used romain )

*LOTS of avocado

*Sour cream

*Black Beans

Add all of the SALSA ingredients in the blender ( yep the soy chorizo too, but first fry it for around 7 minutes in a pan or until done ).

In a pan, warm your corn tortillas first, so they don’t brake when rolling the flautas. Once done add some avocado oil ( or the one of your choice ) in a pan.

Mix the sweet potato with the cilantro, the green onion, salt and pepper. Put some on your tortilla and roll it, you can use a small stick to close them while you fry them.

When your flautas are done, put LOTS of the salsa along with the garnish.

How would you change this recipe?






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