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Mia’s Paw Patrol Party

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Mia’s Paw Patrol Party

I can’t believe my baby is going to be 3 at the end of this month!!! Time do really flies!!

This time we decided to do an early celebration as last year I had to cancel it 3 times because of the snow storm! If you know me, you know how much I enjoy event planning, but this year I wanted to do the things different.

I wanted something more cozy, with less stress and my main goal was making MIA happy. ( Not myself lol). by that being said, she doesn’t care about the fancy decor, or what would be on the menu.. the only thing I knew she cared about was to have some time with her friends.. and thankfully in this age, you give them some balloons and sugar and you made it lol!

So that’s what we had, a super simple party with some dollar store decor, a 3 leches cake and some Mexican candies. But… Mia loooves surprises ( like mommy ) so one night, I was checking one of my Facebook groups and I saw this post from a local mom in Langley, saying that she offered Paw Patrol services and I got super excited!! I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about the face that Mia would make seeing that the Paw patrols came to her party! So I hired them and of course they were the hit!!

And the best thing? You are not only making your kids happy, but also helping a local small business! How cool is that?? They come to your party, dance around, play with your kids and you can take as many photos you want!!

You can find them on Facebook as: Pawlicious Parties & Events! Or leave me a message and I send you their contact!

Xo Athenas

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