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Pepper rellenos


Good morning all! You must notice that my logo’s has changed, I’m playing with different styles in my free time to make this site prettier. As you can imagine, having 2 under 3 don’t leave much time for this project but I’m doing my best to make it work.

Today I want to share with you my Families recipe for “Pepper rellenos”. You can make chile rellenos instead, but because I give it to Mia, I decided to go with peppers. If you want to buy the regular chile relleno one, my advice is to put them in water with sugar to take out the spice if you are going to give it to your childrens.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


*6 Green peppers

*1 1/2 cans of media crema ( Mexican sour cream, do not use other brand because the taste is going to be completely different. You can find this in any Latin store, if you live in the Vancouver area, “Los guerreros” would have it for sure. and sometimes you can even see it at walmart )

*Any tomato sauce, I always use the 4 cheese one that I use to cook pasta

*Mozarella or cheddar cheese to fill


Put your peppers in a pan until brown in all the sides, once done let them cold. Make a small hold in your peppers, take all the seeds out, and fill them with cheese.

Add some avocado oil to a pan, add your peppers fill with the cheese and add the rest of the ingredients along with salt.

Let them boil for around 10 min and check that the cheese is melted and that’s it! Enjoy!

Happy long weekend all!


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