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It’s all about the wine..

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It’s all about the wine..


It’s all about the wine this days! ( Mother of 2 under 3 lol! ) been honest, I wasn’t a wine drinker. This happened a couple months ago, that I found that one glass of wine in the afternoon makes a huge different in my day lol! I do not know anything about wines, I do not have a favourite wine, the only thing I know it’s that I like fruty, sweet ones.

For some reason, in winter I feel like drinking Red wine instead of the Rose, so I’m in search for the best brands, and flavours out there! The ones that I usually have are “Naked” or “Sandhill” those are my local’s to go!

I still can’t believe Christmas it’s around the corner, so much to plan, so much to celebrate! I picture myself pouring a glass of wine, listening frank sinatra while cooking a delicious healthy dinner!

What are your favourite brands out there?

Happy Monday all!


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