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Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary

anivesario1The way I meet Francisco it’s the weirdest one lol! I meet him on Twitter.

No.. I wasn’t looking to date on twitter, what happened was, I was in process to obtain my permanent resident status and I was ready to immigrate to Canada, so I was looking for someone to help me get a roommate in the Vancouver area, and I have no idea how I found Francisco, but he used to work for the AI of Vancouver so I thought maybe this guy know a student that needs a roommate, so he was helping me to connect with this girl from Mexico city, and I was texting with him all the time.

I felt in love with Francisco all over text messages and skype dates lol! and when I finally moved to Vancouver, he came to pick me and one of my best friend to the airport and that’s where all began.

It’s been 7 years since we see each other at the airport, and in this 7 years we have live in 7 homes ( yeep, we used to moved once or twice a year lol ) and we made 2 beautiful kids.


In this 7 years I have learned a lot about what love and marriage is. Lots of things change when you have kids, lots! anyways, here is the list of some of the things that I learned during this time:

1- Matching Bra and Underwear is so 2010 lol! At the beginning it’s all about getting pretty, do your hair, look as good as possible for him… but after you have kids, granny panties and boob out with the pump is the new sexy lol!

2- Having “us” time is so important: one of the things that I miss more is being able to go for dates. We used to save money for traveling, go to the movies often, have drinks in a bar, it was Friday and we were excited about the weekend! We used to hit the mountains and do all of these hikes, that at the beginning I hate but I learn to love them, and now is less and less often. We tried as much as possible when our parents comes to go out as much as possible so we don’t lose that “us” time.

3- Bad times, Good times, all are important: I’m grateful for the bad times because that made us know more, respect us more, and know how to grow and learn as a couple. And the good times because are the ones that stay in my memory forever!

4- Love/Hate relationship is real: Somedays I see Francisco and I love him! I think he is the handsome guy in the world.. and somedays I’m talking shit about him in my mind lol!! why did he leave this open? why he didn’t take the garbage out? LOL!

5- Age sometimes matter: He is 10 years older than me, and I haven’t learn to listen to him lol! Sometimes he would say athenas do this.. and I say no.. and then a couple of years later i’m like.. I should’ve listen to Francisco!!!


We still learning and growing, and this parent thing is challenging our relationship more and more! and I’m so excited to keep learning with him, keep walking hand and hand.

Happy Thursday all!!


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