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matias1Morning all! I recently delete my wordpress app from my cellphone, to force me to write on my computer, so everything looks more clean lol! I haven’t write in a while, because I’ve been enjoying my life at home and enjoying every single minute with my two peanuts. Knowing that my mat leave is going to finish in 5 months, I’m starting to get a little bit sad.. well not a little bit.. a LOT. I remember when I had to leave Mia at the daycare how awful I felt at the beginning.. later on everything was fine because I found this amazing daycare but I have to be honest.. the guilt was still there. One of the reason of me being on board for a second child too soon was that I wanted to spent more time with my daughter at home. I really like daycares, but for me, I like them part time only, and if could financially, I will stay at home with my kids to raise them and be there for them. Now that I have Matias everything is getting more difficult, I do not want to miss any milestones! My number one job is to be a mom! There are 3 people that helped me to understand that.. one was Margareth, the director of Mia’s ex-daycare. She told me “Athenas, enjoy every second, feel bleesed that you can stay with your daughter and be there for her, as soon as she starts kindergarden, everything is going to change, there are yours temporary”. the second person was my friend Adriana when she told me that she didn’t really know what her mother was as a professional, that she only remember and care how good mother she was with her. And the third one was Shonda Rhimes lol! when she remind me on that episode of grey’s anatomy where the kid had an accident and she only wanted her babysitter to be with her instead of the mom. Do I want that? NO. I feel that career is your personal grow.. but people do really care? I mean.. I know what some of my friends does but do I really care? no! I do care how good friends they are, and the impact that they have in my life. Some people say that quality is better than quantity and I agree on that! So anyways, all of these thoughts are in my mind constantly, and I have no idea where life is going to take me, and what sacrifices I’ll have to do, but on the meantime, I want to give lots of quality with the time I have left with the them and I want to share with you some of the games to learn that they used on Mia’s preeschool. She goes to Montessori but being honest I remember lots of these games being at my regular school and I think they are awesome ways to teach your kids while they have some fun so here they are:


At montessori, they do not teach the ABC, instead they teach them to make the sound of each letter, they like to play the ” I spy” game. For example.. “I spy something that starts with the sound mmm.. so the kid has to find something with the sound mm like mommy. ( Perfect game for stroller walks )


The 1, 2, 3 games!


These are more cool games to play, do they can learn the colours, the quantity, the structure. If your kids loves to accommodate stuff, they would love this one!


Mia is soo into the continents and Canada lately. I’ve been reading some Canada books, and I recently got some from Mexico. She is learning the continents at school and the name of some flowers as well. ( I should go to school as well as I only know roses lol ).

Anyways, what are your favourite games to do with your kids at home?

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