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Isn’t too much too much?

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Isn’t too much too much?

Is it? It seems that now with social media, there is tons of people telling us what to eat, what to buy, how to do this how to do that, it’s just a never ending thing. I’m part of those people.. but we are all different, we like different things and that’s how everything becomes confusing! I have like 100 nutritionist following on Instagram, Twitter, each of them pointing me to different directions.. and don’t let me start with the fashionistas or my horoscope! Am I the only one following trends and signs? Isn’t too much information too much? And then I read those stories.. this happened to this person.. this happened to other.. and I start freggin out! Omg, does my baby has the right colour? Does my baby breathe ok? Am I over feeding my baby? Man! Sometimes having a social media break feels good! Maybe we should have like those meatless Mondays.. a social media-less Tuesdays.. I think that is going to be the future! Probably someone would come up with this trendy topic soon when one day a week we all start living life without looking at the others lol! I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. Do you know how this ideas came to my mind? I was talking with my mother in law, and she told me she was at the airport, and while she was waiting for her flight she noticed that the guy seating in front of her was breathing different and started to look very white, he went to the washroom and suddenly someone called security because he got a heart attack.. and then I thought.. if I was my mother in law, probably I would be seating with eyes on my phone for the entire time, and probably I wouldn’t notice what was happening to this guy seating in front of me.. sad but true. So is this going too much? What about you? Would you notice? Happy Saturday!

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