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Do you see them?

If you are watching the news, you are aware of what is happening in Mexico. Back in 1985 when we had an earthquake like this, my mother was pregnant with me and she lost her dad in there. His hotel felt down and I lost the opportunity to meet him. It brakes my heart the news of the kids dying, the desperation of the parents that haven’t find their kids. Being a mom has changed my life in a way that i’ve never imagined, and today when I woke up I notice that.. I need to see my kids. I wake up everyday, usually Matias my 4 month old would start touching my face around 7 am, he would start trying to make a conversation, I take him, bring him to his dad so I can sleep a little more, he puts the baby to sleep again, then Mia would wake up at 8 am, I will change their diapers, feed them, put their clothes on and take them to activities. Most of the days I do this automatically, Like a robot, maybe because i’m exhausted.. but today, today I took the moment to see them. I seat in my bed, and see their eyes, their nose, their little feet, their smile.. and then I realize that there are some days that I don’t see them! I see them everyday but i’m referring to really see them! How can be possible that i’m with them 24/07 and sometimes Francisco would say.. hey what happened to Mia in the eye? And I haven’t notice! Do I spends so much time in my phone? Yes. Am I too tired to notice things? Yes.. do I need to do something about it? Yes yes. Social media is a good and a bad thing. Do you believe we are now spending more time in social media than seeing our kids? Would it be better to quit social media? Soo many things to think about lately! What do you think?

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