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I don’t need therapy.. I have you guys!

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I don’t need therapy.. I have you guys!

If you don’t know the quote of my tittle, is from Sex on the city lol! I’ve been in twitter a lot lately, because I’m looking to get a good laugh when I’m feeling down, and I love to follow this account with all of this funny quotes, and this one is from Carrie talking to the girls.. and I believe is true! There is no better therapy than friends! I’ve always be a “friends” person. I used to spend lots of time with mines and I still best friends with my childhood ones. I’ve been lucky enough to meet more down the road and whenever I feel down, i reach them to help me go up. I had a girls night yesterday, and just to be away for 2 hours, talking about other subjects that doesn’t involve diapers and milk it makes my soul happy. Listening to their stories about their jobs, families, friends.. those stories that you can learn from. As an immigrant, away from all your love ones, getting a tribe it’s a must to survive. I do not believe that you can have happiness without having someone to share it, and with this I’m not talking about a partner.. you can be perfectly happy without one.. but I do not believe you can be happy without a friend. That’s how powerful and important a friendship is! I know everybody is different, so please if you don’t agree with me, if you are a perfectly happy person without friends let me know ! I would love to listen your point of view! I enjoy having totally different friends, people who think and are different but at the same time we have something in common. I have the one who really don’t like social media, and the one who documents everything. I have the one who wants to have tons of kids and the one who really don’t enjoy to be around them. The one who loves brands, the one who don’t give a s$&. The writer one ( who correct my grammar every 5 seconds ), the wanna be blogger ( yess, another ME lol! ), the muslim, the Christian, the one who truly believes in Budha, the spiritual one, the patience one, the crazy one, the responsable one, the rich one, the broke one, the generous one. The best part of having different friends is to be able to take a little from each one. Who we are creates who we meet.. or who we meet creates who we are?

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