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No, I’m not talking about the Serie lol! I’m talking about those times when your creativity, ideas and plans are just not synchronize. That’s what is happening here. I’ve been trying to brainstorm so hard about my next step but with a four month old crying in the back and a demanding toddler requesting me to pay attention to her, my ideas are just flying around. And when I finally have the time to seat and write them down, I’m already tired it. I’m not the most creative person, I’m very good building relationships, PR, making friends…. but I’m not a creative person.. it takes me a little bit more.. so if you take that plus the fact that i’m already tired when I finally have the time.. the result is “confused”. I really want to know what is the secret for those super successful business owner, that are stay at home moms. HOW? how can you concentrate if your have your kids and your house to take care of? is it scheduling what is working? is it multitasking? I found myself as an excellent multitasker, so not sure what is going on in here. Is someone as lost as me? am I the only one having this issues? should I smoke something to help me on this? LOL! It’s been 4 months and I have ideas like make pies for a living, work from home, start a clothing line and be a skip the dishes delivery girl. Seriously, I’m lost! sooo lost, and the ideas still coming, every single day, but I can’t just put them all together. Hopefully this beautiful chill weather, and a big cup of white mocha would help. Happy Monday all!

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