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Support Local: 4D cake by Pepemcreations

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Support Local: 4D cake by Pepemcreations

A couple weeks ago, we had some special visitors at home. My dad came to Canada to celebrate his 60’s birthday, so I wanted to find the perfect cake for him. I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and I found “the cake”. It was peeerfect for him because he loves fishing and the cake looks special, so I contacted the girl who usually made the cake for Mia’s party but she told me she doesn’t make 4D cakes, so she referred me to this mom in North burnaby who makes them. I wasn’t sure because it’s a hell of a drive for me, but at the end I decided it was worth it. The girl’s name is Maria Flores and she impressed me with her detail work! And if you are wondering about the taste.. it was delicious!! My dad loooves dates so I choose the dates and vanilla flavour and it was a hit! Even tho my brother was the one eating almost all the cake lol! I love love her work and I love to support a local mom! If you have any special event and want to give her a try go to or contact her 604-839-3611 Happy Long weekend all!

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