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Positive attracts Positive

My blog is my therapy. My top reason why I keep with this, is because is a space where I can put my thoughts good or bad in writing, and I don’t really care if people like them or not, when I start to care i’m going to hire a photographer and write about subjects that would sale, on the meantime I will keep writing whatever is on my mind and taking pics with my iphone lol! But even tho I do not care what people think, yesterday I didn’t want to write because I was sooo negative! And I believe negative words attract more negativity, so I decided to wait until everything cool down and instead write positive to attract positive. Ok.. I couldn’t finish my post yesterday I felt sleep. Had another rough night yesterday, I think Matias may be teething and that’s why this is happening. I couldn’t find the book that I always come back to when I feel down, but I remember perfectly the words, and words are powerful, words can change it all, so I remember the first word was “Gratitude”. Give thanks for everything good and bad happening right now, and specially give thanks for all the blessings you are going to receive.. but to receive you have to ask. Ask clearly what you want. If you ask for a pony ( don’t think i’m watching my little pony right now lol! ) request the colour you want, be specific. Then think about “Beauty”.. how beauty you are inside and out even with that messy hair. Make someone else happy.. this is important because that would come back to you 100 times more lol!! Read funny stuff.. have a good laugh.. share it with your friends.. which takes me to.. friends are medicines! ( well.. if you choose them wisely ) and most importantly breathe.. spray that Lavender relaxing mist from Saje all over your room ( and your toddler head ) and breathe.. Happy Frinally all!

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