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Kourtney Kardashian Protein Salad

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Kourtney Kardashian Protein Salad

Guilty!! Lol! A couple weeks or months? Ago, I saw a post on Kourtney’s kardashian Instagram that she has her app for free. I looove the Kardashians and their drama, but I don’t buy their books or apps, but she made me curious because she is always posting healthy stuff and exercises so I wanted to see if I can find something helpful.. and if is for free Why not?! So I downloaded her app and got sooo many good recipes to try! One of them was this protein Salad perfect for my Atkins movement! If you want to make it vegan just change the Cheese for a vegan one and .. mmm instead of eggs I would use roast yam!! I made this salad almost a month ago and now for some reason I cannot even stand boiled eggs! Since my pregnancy with Matias I rarely can eat eggs, I can’t just stand the smell! But I was able to eat boiled eggs.. but lately very rare! I really want to eat eggs again because I find they are the perfect snack and I want Mia to eat eggs but unless I find a solution for the smell not sure if that is going to happen anytime soon ( and it’s been an issue lately because Francisco’s everyday breakfast is a toast and an egg, and I wake up with an egg smell in the kitchen which puts me in horrible mood) anyways, I have to say that i’m a little surprise about this recipe, as I thought she was dairy free but I guess she is another flexetarian! Here is her original recipe: Happy Tuesday everyone!

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