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The fake orange juice

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The fake orange juice

I don’t remember when or where did Mia tried orange juice, but every morning she request her orange juice. I know by fact that orange juice has waaaay to much sugar, so I decided to cheat and give her this fake orange juice using carrots instead of orange lol! She didn’t even notice and she loved it! Recipe? 4 carrots, 1 green apple, 1 lime, a little bit of ginger and parsley. So yesterday I watched the what the health documentary on Netflix and being honest it’s just too much information everywhere! Some people swear in one diet.. some people swear in other one, and the worst part is that I ended up confuse! I know Atkins works for me, and I’ve been trying to make Atkins as plant based as possible, which is kind of difficult if I only have 25g of carbs per day, I wish they could create more Atkins products like low carb whole wheat pasta or something.. which takes me to my other thoughts.. I know there are tons of vegan-dairy free etc etc products out there but.. how do we know the health effect on them?? How do we know that the fake cheese that I bought isn’t going to be worst than the real cheese?? That’s my question! I do understand the part of helping our planet and be more conscious.. on that i’m totally IN! But where can I find an app or something that tells me my fake cheese is safe? I know i’m not going to become exclusively plant base, we like to eat meat once in a while, but is the fake meat i’m

Buying safe? If someone finds an article or something please share it! Have a nice day!

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