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White rock Princess Party

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White rock Princess Party

I know this happened weeks ago but I HAVE TO write about it because so far it’s been my favourite local event around my area! All about this event was fun and magical! Everything started last year, when we moved to the south surrey area, it was very difficult not to hear about this party between the moms and the community, so I got excited but the party was sold out! Then some people told me it was super difficult to get tickets as it was a big event around, so this time I sent a message to their Instagram to find out the date when they would start selling the tickets and put it on my calendar with a huuuge alarm lol! We had to attend “THE EVENT”! If you haven’t heard about it, every year they do this children’s charity event, with the proceeds going to the building of all-ages all-abilities park in our community. Myra Merkal is the genius founder of the Princess Party that started back in 2010 along with her partner Alyssa owner of the As you wish princess Parties. Them and lots of more volunteers make this party a complete success! So what can you expect? A red carpet entrance, tons of kids activities ( cooking decor, face painting, arts and crafts), raffles, tons of beautiful little and big Princesses, handsome little and big prince charmings, music, pictures and more! Mia was soo excited about this event! I started talking to her about it weeks before, it was priceless to see her face when she saw princess Belle, Moana, etc coming to the stage!! She was in total shock!! Can’t wait to bring her to Disney world!! It was a day to remember for her and she still talks about it! Until next year!!!

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  1. Thank you for your blog Athenas. It is so affirming to hear lovely feedback on our precious Princess Party.

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