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Motherhood Unplugged..

Is it bad that this is one of my favourite pictures of Matias? I think it really represents reality! It really represents the true motherhood! Even tho my kids are usually happy kids, and I post all of these pictures of them smiling at me.. they do most of the time smile at me, but also they cry, they scream and they give me hard times. Sometimes I'm busy and I have to let Matias cry for 5 or 10 minutes and my nerves would get crazy! Motherhood is hard as hell.. and I don't believe those moms that post pictures saying that life is pink.. unless they have several baby sitters or don't spend time with their kids lol! And even tho.. I had Mia full time at the daycare last year.. I was only really raising her on the weekends and still.. it was still hard. In the morning I had to make sure she was getting the best nutrition in her breakfast, prepare the whole meals, snacks, etc. When I was coming to pick her up I needed to make sure to spend those 2 hours left as the best quality time and at the end I was exhausted.. I can say the same exhausted as I am being 24/07 with them.. so Motherhood is hell hard no matter what! My kids are not perfects..they do not follow schedule, bed times, nap times.. they love ice cream and hate vegetables.. they sometimes don't want to share.. And that's what it is. I remember before becoming a mother, looking at those pictures of the celebrities looking great with their kids, imagining how easy and fun would be to be a mother.. then when I became one I thought I would not survive the breastfeeding stage. Sometimes I wish I can come back to me as a first time mom and tell me " hey, enjoy your time because when you get a second one those moments that you have right now to cook your organic menu whenever Mia sleeps are not going to exist anymore" lol! So i've been thinking what would I say to me as a second time mom in a few years and all I can think is: Enjoy your baby and your toddler.. because they grow fast. Forget about everything because nothing is more valuable than seeing your kids grow with you, that enjoy this time with them. Being able to wake up, have a "relaxing" breakfast with them, do activities together ( in a few years they would want to go with their friends), hug them all day, kiss them all day, and be as present as you can be. What would you say to you in a few years? Happy Tuesday!

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