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Where to go in Kelowna.. Okanagan Lavender Farm

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Where to go in Kelowna.. Okanagan Lavender Farm

At this point, my blog should be call " I love Kelowna" lol! This is how behind i'm with my blogposts! But I'm only sharing what I really love of my trip and this was the last place we went to before coming back so for sure this is my last post about Kelowna! If you are a lavender lover, you are going to die in this place!! We were there about a month ago? Or month and a half and the lavender was in full bloom! And as you can see in my pic, the place it's absolutely beautiful! Obviously the smell was amazing and they have a little store where you can buy some goodies to take home. If you are looking for a location to take pics.. this is your place! I couldn't do a photoshoot with the kids as I wanted because they were napping and it was time for us to come back to Vancouver, but I imagine the photos there being beautiful! And talking a about cool places.. today we went to our favourite farm in Langley called " Krauseberry farm" I've post about them before.. if you haven't have the chance to take a look, Do IT! Today for the first time I tried their sangrias and was one of the best Sangrias I've ever had! ( thanks Jenny and Juan! )And don't let me start with the nachos! Lol! Mia was so happy jumping and running around, while mommy was trying to survive her last day of single mom! This is one of those places that are family friendly or friends friendly if you want to seat and have drinks with your friends! ( someday.. someday.. ). Happy Monday all!

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