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Temporary single mom..

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Temporary single mom..

hey guys! Sorry I've been away for soo long, but my hubby is in Toronto and I'm a temporary single mom! Seriously, what keeps me going is a girl that I meet in one of those mommy's group, that is a single mom of baby twins and a toddler, everytime I feel is too much I think about her and I know this is nothing. Anyways, since Francisco left I've been trying to maintain Mia as busy as possible, so I haven't being at home at all! I've been living at Guilford mall, playgrounds and today we assisted to the White Rock Princess party ( can't wait to write about this later ) run errands, do the groceries.. I really wanted to push it and cook something but instead I served some wine, chips and watched Moana for the 60 time. I know everyone was in Vancouver watching the fireworks, and I actually wanted to go because I had a birthday party at second beach, but let's be honest.. Me.. a 3 months old and a toddler.. there was no way i'll find parking by the time I was out of the princess party to leave.. if I take the bus the massive crowd on the way back with my super tired and upset babies would be anything but fun.. so I didn't want to taste my luck and decided to have a Saturday night at home with these two.. but if you are in vancity, send some pics! Celebration of lights it's one of my favourites summer activities! Have a great night all!

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