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That pregnancy weight..

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That pregnancy weight..

Ladies and gentleman, this is me almost 3 months ago. I didn't want to edit the pic so you can see my real ME. I remember that when I took this pic to send it to friend, I thought there was NO way that i'll post it on my facebook or Instagram, I was so ashamed of my body that it makes me feel bad of how bad I felt that day. Back to my first pregnancy, I remember hating my body soo much! I barely took pictures of myself, I felt sooo ugly and I remember thinking that there are 2 kinds of preggo moms, the ones that look soo pretty and the ones that look so bad like me. Then when I got pregnant with Matias, I remember saying to myself I will really take care of myself so I can take lots of pics because it would be possible my last pregnancy, that I would love and embrace my body and enjoy it so much, but.. that didn't happend again. I committed the same mistake of hating my body and now that I take a look back on those pregnancy pictures.. I really like them!! Why? Maybe because now I don't have the same pressure of looking at myself and see me that big.. I see that mega huge tummy, I look at Matias and it makes me smile. I can't believe I was feeling that bad with myself. I can't believe I didn't enjoy see me with a human inside, I can't believe I hate it! I still look like a 6 months preggo but being honest, I'm not in a rush! I just recently switch back to my pre/ pregnancies diet and I know is going to take months or maybe years for me to be back on the weight that I was, but now looking at those pictures I realize that in a few years I will look at my pictures of right now and I'll smile.. and most probably i'll miss this times. Happy Saturday all!

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