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Vancouver or nowhere..

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Vancouver or nowhere..

I absolute love living in Vancouver. But as this pizza, my favourite city is not perfect. I don't want to start complaining about the typical real state or the ridiculous cost of childcare. I just want to say that I choose to marry this city and I love it with all the good and the bad. Last week, a Fellow Mexican asked me why I never hung up with all the Mexicans ( which is not true! I have my Mexican friends and most of my friends are from Latin america) but the true is, I don't choose my friends depending of their nationality, I just meet people and if we have the connection we have the connection! One of the reasons why I choose to marry not only Vancity but Canada is because the multicultural environment. But another true is.. when I first moved here, the first people I met were Mexicans, and this small group, never stop complaining about how much they missed Mexico and how much Canada sucks. I was new and excited for a new adventure, excited to live in a country where I was able to walk free without being scared, excited to meet people from all around the world, to try new types of food, to learn about other points of views, other religions, other values. It didn't mean that I stop loving my country or that I wasn't proud of being Mexican, but I wanted to grow as a person, to expand my thoughts, to not have that close mind and listen to what others have to say, so I slowly started to stop hanging out with them, and started to make new friends. Is like when you have a job, and you haate the job, hate the people.. but you are not looking outside to move.. so what are you doing in here then? Some people also ask me why do I speak in English to my daughter.. well.. we live in CANADA.. One of the many things my husband taught was to respect others lol! And i'm saying this because when I first move here, I didn't care if people could understand me or not, I was always speaking in Spanish, we would be with a group of friends from India or whatever, and I would start speaking in Spanish to Francisco, even tho the third person standing with us didn't understand me and probably was feeling uncomfortable, until karma came to me. I was invited to this Chinese Party and everyone was talking Mandarin and I was seating in the table not knowing what was going on. It took me years to understand how disrespectful was that ( and sometimes without noticing I would do it, sometimes even with my boss, Sorry nes! Lol! ) So our rule is.. if we are outside, I would speak to her most of the time in English, why? Because there is people from all around the world next to us, and when i'm not doing my insta stories ( my blog is about everything local and I have english speakers followers) or when all the people in the room understands then I will speak to her in Spanish. Of course I want my daughter to speak our language, learn about our culture, traditions and our country! But if I decided to have a family here is because I don't only want her to be Mexican, I want her also to be Canadian, and have the best of both countries. If she doesn't want to learn Spanish or be Catholic.. well that's her decision. We live in a free, multi cultural country, she is going to grow up listening Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Spanish, Russian, etc. She is going to grow up having soo many options and I love that! Her whole family is in Mexico, we thankfully go at least once a year or our family would come and visit us, they will speak to her in Spanish, she is going to grow up listening mommy and daddy, we are going to raise her with what we learned from our parents, so i'm pretty sure she is going to have a strong Mexican roots.. I do miss my family and friends back home, I do love lots of things about our culture.. but I also don't like many things.. and that's why I decided to stay and marry Vancouver. I'm not sure if our relationship ( athenas/vancouver) is going to last forever .. ( specially if the real state keeps going up ) but as per the moment I can say.. Vancouver or nowhere. Pds: and if you decided not to be respectful as I was.. well I also respect that lol!

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  1. It’s all good Athe no need to be sorry. 🙂 sometimes we do rhing we don’t mean and also because we just haven’t learned there’s a better way. thanks to people who teach us how to be better along the journey of life.

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