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There is no one like you! 

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There is no one like you! 

I just realize that I never shared my MEGA failed in potty training! Instead of giving steps up, we are 2 steps down! Mia got mega stress and now she really hates the potty! I’m trying to go back to the beginning, reading books to her and ask my friends to take them with them when they take their kids to the potty. I decided to stop and let her do it at her own way, BUT I’m not sure if i’m making another mistake telling her that her friends go to potty. I’m just starting to realize that this can put more pressure on her instead of taking it as example. Sometimes is difficult to let her go on her own times, whenever I see friends saying we are going to do it now and they achieve it, I want to do it as well! But I finally decide that she is she! She is very good and advance in other things that other kids are not, and if she were not.. Who cares? I love her anyway! She changed my life and she is the most special girl in my life! I’m so grateful that she is healthy and happy and it’s all that matters! I want to share something that happened today. Mia and I went to Mia’s activities, and there was this little boy that I haven’t see in days, he is same age as Mia, and I was seating while Mia was playing and when I looked at him, I noticied he was shaking, acting strange.. He really wanted to walk but he couldn’t move and he was shaking very bad, so I turned to look for his mom and she came to grab him and told me he missed the classes because he had several seizures and he wasn’t able to move or walk for weeks. It brake my hearth to see how much he wanted to play, his eyes were looking at the floor the whole time, he looked soo sad! He used to be such a happy runner all the time, and then I looked at Mia, she was dancing and smiling, It came to my mind that day when she passed out in my arms when I was pregnant with Matias, how scared I was, I cannot imagine the pain of his family! I took at time to give thanks and think how blessed we are of having such a healthy kids! We never know when this can change, horrible things can happen, and we are so lucky right now. I complain sometimes of how tired I am, but man, that doesn’t compare not a minimum of how his mom would feel. I know what is to have your kid sick, when mia gets a cold or something and I don’t sleep well somedays, well his mom haven’t sleep in weeks! The stress, the paranoia, the pain of seeing your kid suffering.. This momma is my hero! And to all the moms with similar cases out there, hands down to you! You are truly warriors and an inspiration! Happy Thursday all. Xo Athenas

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