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Where to go in Kelowna.. Kangaroo creek farm

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Where to go in Kelowna.. Kangaroo creek farm

Hello all! I wanted to share with you my favourite place to go in Kelowna! ( and I guess in a couple of years when the kids grow up and I can pay a visit to the wineries this is going to change lol! ). A couple weeks ago, me and the kids decided to join Francisco in his trip to work. We stayed at this beautiful resort ( i’ll share with you later) but I knew I needed to take the kids out for adventour. I google what to do in Kelowna and this farm was a number one. When I told francisco we were in our way to see Kangararoos he didn’t believe me! I was so excited and curiuos, I always thought I would have to go to Australia to see one and not only see.. But pet!!!! Yess!! They jump around you, you can feed them or like Mia, try to hug them! This farm opens daily from 10 am to 2 pm and they have many other animals to see: this is without a doubt, the perfect spot for the family as is a great enterteiment for all ages.. Another great thing? You can get as close to the animals as you want! It’s like to be in the wild! Happy Tuesday all! 

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