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Getting ready for #canada150

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Getting ready for #canada150

As you may know Canada day is coming, and being honest, with a 2 month old I didn’t have so much expectations, but even tho, I said YES for camping. I know is not going to be the camping that i’m imagining: seating, drinking beer, listening the birds, watching the beautiful lake view, I mean c’mon! The lakes are going to be mega crowded, my newborn is going to be crying, i’ll be breastfeeding and Francisco is going to be behind Mia going back and fort to the playground lol! But we don’t care! We refuse to stay at home! This is the only part that I like about summer and i’ll do everything to have it and make the most of it! I know i’ll still super busy changing diapers, etc etc but at least we are going to be spending time together with a different view! Anyways.. I wanted to write the things that I love the most about Canada, as I don’t think i’ll have time to do it during the weekend. This Canada day I want to celebrate the people, the values, the lakes, the multiculturalism, the parks, the cities, the language, the food, the acceptance, the love, the mountains, the beaches, I love everything  about this country, and I couldn’t choose a better place to have my kids! I felt in love with this country more than 10 years ago, and even tho I wasn’t born here I love it as my own and i’m so proud to be Canadian! Happy Canada day to all my fellows out there! Happy 150! #redandwhite  

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