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Potty training day 2

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Potty training day 2

Having kids it’s the best thing that could ever happend to me.. But man! I really didn’t have any idea of how much I would need to give up! Those are the things that nobody tells you! I’ve been stock at home for 2 days now, potty training Mia, and this is been one of the most challenging things that I’ve ever done as mother. Having a newborn crying, having to breastfeed every 2 hours and a toddler peeping and pooping all around the house it’s been a hell of a job. That and the fact that Mia hates being at home all day long! I’m physicall and mentally drained! I really wanted to go to the gym and start taking care of me but seriously it’s 2 pm and I’m already done for the day. I’m exhausted! I feel unhealthy.. Super uper unhealthy! My whole body hurts of being seating in the coach for hours waiting for Mia to pee or poo! I haven’t even take a shower because i’m scared that she is going to have an accident on the carpet! Can’t wait for this to end! And I know people say you are going to miss it, but I really think this is going to be one of the things that I’m not going to miss! I really think that the people who says potty training is fun they are liars lol! I really want to find the fun but I just don’t see where! I hope your friday it’s better than mine! If you are hiting the bars today, have a drink for me! And if you don’t have kids, enjoy while you can! Lol! 

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