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Mini vacay .. 

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Mini vacay .. 

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t write anything lately, i’m currently in a break enjoying our mini trip in Kelowna.. And when I say enjoying means, not having to clean or cook which is a BIG deal lol! But obviously   Traveling with a newborn and a toddler is not relaxing or fun as before at all! Yesterday I was on a stroller walk in the Marina, and I passed by the Cactus club, and I saw these beautiful girls, with their hair done, make up on, having drinks and enjoying a girls time and I felt sooo jealous! I know I know.. There is a loooot of people who would love to have my life, and don’t think that I don’t feel grateful and blessed, I know this is only temporary and that soon Family vacations are going to get much better, but You have to understand that it’s been almost 4 years without me having a “normal” life… So don’t judge me if I sometimes miss it! It hasn’t been that bad tho, today I was lucky enough to have 30 min in the hot tub, we had an amazing breakfast at the VIP lunch, and spent the whole morning by the pool with a friend and her kids. Soo no.. Life doesn’t suck.. Life is pretty good, but still on Mommys mode, wearing mommys clothes, with Mom hair, no make up on, with vomit all over my shirt, breastfeeding every 2 hours, changing diapers every 3? But yess with lots of hugs and kisses from them! Enjoying while they are that small they said.. Happy Wednesday all! 

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